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Learn the step-by-step guide to read Blockchain Whitepaper like an Expert even though you don’t have any technical background.


Reading a Blokchain Whitepaper can be torturing, despite there are useful informations that you can extract from the paper to understand the projects that the company is undergoing.


You’ve tried to concentrate every lines of sentences in the Whitepaper. However, you always face the difficulty to connect the dots in the paper. You are not confident with your evaluation of the company after reading the paper.


It’s not your fault.


Blockchain Companies like to throw jargon into their Whitepaper to impress the investors with their understanding of the market. Understanding the complex structured of the paper is a struggle not only to readers without Blockchain knowledge, but also to Blockchain ehnthusiastics who does not have a proper system to review the paper.

If you can relate to this problem, or hope to pick up the skill to review Blockchain Whitepaper like an Expert, we have the solution for you!

THE WHITEPAPER EXPERT is a 10 steps system that transform your mind to become like a Blockchain Expert’s. By following the step-by-step guide, you can break down the 20 pages long paper into consumable pointers and be able to draw conclusion on the quality of the paper within minutes.

In fact if you start now, you could adopt the easy-to-follow guide on any Whitepapers issued by Blockchain Companies.


Imagine what it would be like to read through the Blockchain Whitepaper without demanding huge mental capacity. Better still, you will be pumped with confidence to share your view on the paper to Blockchain Experts with backed-up logical reasonings.


Chaintech Partners is a Blockchain & ICO advisor and venture production studio. We provide strategic end-to-end ICO advisory services for blockchain start-ups, that want to conduct token sales or initial coin offering, ranging from establishing the structure of Whitepaper, review of Whitepaper, design of token economics and legal advice.


With the trust and support from our Blockchain Clients, we want to extend our expertise in reviewing Blockchain Whitepaper to all learners who want to develop yourself in this industry.


THE WHITEPAPER EXPERT is a simple, ten steps program that will:

Transform you to become an Expert in reviewing Blockchain Whitepaper 

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Boost your Confidence to engage fruitful Blockchain conversation with Expert with your solid understanding of Whitepaper

You will not be seen as an amateur while you are discussing Blockchain topic with Experts in the field. You can always support your argument with the Whitepaper which you have reviewed through our guide.

Develop strong Blockchain foundation that sticks with you

By mastering the art of reviewing Whitepaper, you have learnt the fundamentals of Blockchain. You will be confident to expand the knowledge to other areas like Blockchain application, investment, etc.


Here’s what you get from THE WHITEPAPER EXPERT program:


10 steps guide


Review on a real Whitepaper from a Blockchain Company – Instead of throwing the list of steps to you, we will walk you through the steps with a real Whitepaper. We believe that you can relate and apply the guide better to other Whitepapers through this methodology.


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